First steps in our fight for a cleaner world.

So far this year we have done many things to contribute towards our long term project of protecting the environment. As awareness is a key goal we’re going to achieve, we took part in activities that raise public awareness. We contributed to Havering Council’s Taking Steps magazine on air quality which will be distributed in schools across the borough.

We have also made posters on the little things we can do to improve the air we breathe, such as promoting the use of roll-on deodorants instead of using aerosols, as we have discovered through research that this is one of the worst pollutants in the home. We did this by purchasing air quality testers to use around the school, and we saw what a big impact spraying aerosols around the testers made on their readings. This is why being self-aware of the impacts of small actions is very important. Switching from spray to roll-on can have incredible positive effects on your surroundings.

Another thing we have been doing as LIFE ambassadors is looking into creating a green room in our Wellbeing Centre, by purchasing plants that are the most effective at cleaning the air we breathe. Through the help of NASA, we’ve found plants that are the most effective to use and we have been looking into the interior design of the room. These are just some of the steps that we have been taking to achieve our goal.

The LIFE Ambassadors, as mentioned in our last blog, have also been working on creating a presentation to perform to all year groups across the school, raising awareness of the condition of the air we breathe, the impact we have on it and the changes we can make to improve air quality both at home and around the school. We have all been very busy this year and are excited to continue this project and see the benefits it will make on our school community.


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