Growth after a fall

Sometimes an event in life can knock us sideways, uprooting all we have ever known or built our lives upon. Recovery from such an event can cause us despair, anxiety and even a feeling of hopelessness.

The tree in the image experienced such an event, so traumatic that it was floored.  But the tree continued to grow albeit in a new direction. The roots ran deep allowing it to grow by adapting to its new environmental position, branching out and progressing.

In organisations such as education and industry, COVID 19 has landed a blow which has changed the educational and business landscapes. This has caused us all to dig deep and adapt to new working patterns and routines. Institutions that are deep rooted in their beliefs and values continue to adapt and flourish. By being creative, optimistic and empathetic, challenges are overcome.  Alternative methods of communicating, remote working, developing ideas and sharing knowledge have given new roots to success. From Zoom to Boom, technology has equiped us to adapt.

Ethos is not passive but active. How does the ethos of a school or business become the culture and attitudes of the working community, adapting to a new norm? Like rain, ethos must be delivered from above, from management and senior leadership teams. It filters through staff and the working community so that all the branches of the organisation can be nurtured for growth. Everyone has been touched by current times and everyone needs to be nurtured back to growth with understanding and kindness. As our new working routines evolve, be encouraged by the tree in the image and the strength it represents, being more in a robust position to weather future storms.

Rachel Grimwood
Culture & Ethos Manager

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