Holding on to our beliefs

Unprecedented.  Incredibly challenging.  Impossible to underestimate.  Nothing is quite as it was, as we have all struggled to come to terms with the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. 

It has taken all our strength and resilience, our agility and our compassion to not only adjust to a new normal, but to constantly adjust, often at a moment’s notice to a continually changing circumstance.

As a Trust we have used our three fundamental beliefs to guide us throughout this experience:  Courageous Optimism; Boundless Creativity and Heartfelt Compassion.

This time has presented us with a series of opportunities to show those beliefs in practice, and to include all of our community in our discussions and planning about the necessary changes we have made.

As we face yet another great change for September 1st, with today’s announcement, we will continue to use these beliefs to guide us.  We will also remember that we are here to serve our children and to do everything possible to ensure they develop academically and holistically, ready for the ever-changing world. 

Optimism is underrated and misunderstood.  Like hope, it is not weak, naïve or simplistic.  It has to be courageous, because it recognises risks, dangers and possible failure, but perseveres regardless.  We know there are many obstacles to overcome at this time but we press on for a better future.  

Creativity is a crucial human activity.  It is certainly not the preserve of the few nor limited to certain spheres of life.  It is life-giving, energising and often highly purposeful.  In approaching the future we want to maintain the childlike notion that there are boundless possibilities to be creative and that what seemed impossible may in fact just be extremely difficult.

Compassion focuses on the need to come alongside others, in their joy and pain, to strive to identify with them and to show humanity. As we express ourselves creatively and step up in courage and with optimism, we need to be prepared that things will not always work out as planned for us and for others.  There will be mistakes and misunderstandings.  But working together creates a better future for those we serve. 

So we will continue to embody each of these and let them drive us forward as we embrace our new normal as schools, and as a society.

Julian Dutnall
CEO, LIFE Education Trust

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