Perspective during pandemics

Have our skies ever been so blue?

It has been over 100 days since the world first became aware of COVID-19. This unexpected point in 2020 has brought pain, distraught and fear. But despite these times being grim, we’ve come together as families, communities and nations to fight back.

During all this, we can’t help but focus on the negative. However, at LIFE, we believe in heartfelt compassion. Compassion is the ability to empathise with others and have concern for their wellbeing. And one way to lift someone’s mood is to help them focus on positivity and allow their mind to take a breath and relax.

Did you know that compared to 2019, our climate has unintentionally flourished this year? Have you noticed how blue our skies have become? And if you peer close enough after dark, can you see stars twinkling against the black backdrop like fairy lights?

The UK lockdown has created restrictions in who and when you can travel which has emptied our streets, decreasing urban traffic and levels of city smog. It’s not just in the UK. One of the world’s most air polluted countries, China, has had a huge drop in their air pollution levels. The COVID-19 pandemic had led to the shutting down of industrial activity and international travel which cleared their skies in a matter of weeks!

During a crisis, it’s important to have a steady perspective and to analyse more than one view on a situation. It’s important to broaden your mind and appreciate even the smallest things. But most importantly, it’s key to stick together, stay strong and share your compassion with others by always looking for the positive.

By Maheen Manzoor

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