About Paddy

Paddy is a 14 year old horse, who is a traditional Gypsy Cob. He was found on the side of the A127 aged 4 and was rescued by Mrs Buckley. He has lived in Roxwell opposite the school since he was rescued. He was a little challenging as a young pony but has since been very well trained by his owner. 

He is now very calm, loves children and is happy to hear readers and allow children to comb his mane. He is very good at teaching children to ride and is calm when young children have their first lesson. He adores people and loves treats of carrots and apples. 

He was officially adopted by Roxwell school in October 2020 but had visited the school on many occasions before then. He wears a saddle cloth in the school colours with the school crest. On his walks he stops outside school hoping to get a treat! 

He supported the children during lock down and visited the key worker children regularly. He has taken part in many celebrations including Valentine’s Day when he delivered flowers and chocolate to the Roxwell community. 

Paddy has had some health issues and is blind in one eye so we communicate with him on the right hand side.