The ethos and culture of the LIFE Education Trust and its schools is an integral part of who we are. It isn’t enough to just state we build great learning communities, we have to actually live and breathe this mission.

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To help embed our mission to build great learning communities that unleash creativity and champion optimism, in a spirit of compassion, within our schools we have an established LIFE Ambassador programme.

LIFE Ambassadors

Our LIFE Ambassadors are chosen from each school to:

  • be role models
  • work with others within the school community
  • participate in a yearly project topic
  • be creative thinkers!
  • be representatives of the LIFE Education Trust

Our Ambassadors are involved with many initiatives including fundraising events, social media campaigns, assemblies and blogging about current affairs. Most importantly they help to raise the profile of the Trussell Trust, a charity representing local foodbanks

LIFE Passports

The LIFE Passports is a programme of activities to inspire pupils to embrace new experiences outside of the classroom. The passport takes you on a journey to try new challenges which promote resilience, perseverance and increase self-esteem. The Can Do attitude enables the development of new skills that support learning throughout school life. Through captivating experiences in the classroom and eye-opening adventures in the outside world we aim to equip today’s child for tomorrow’s world.