Namuncha Primary School – Kenya

Roxwell Primary School in Chelmsford partners with Namuncha Primary School. Namuncha is a rural primary school in a small Maasai community in the Rift Valley, Kenya. It is about an hour north of Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. Kenya is in East Africa.

The main languages are Maa (the Maasai language), Kikuyu, and Swahili. When they have met on video calls the Kenyan children have taught us some simple words in Masai and Swahilli. They have also sung us traditional songs.

Some of the children walk a long distance to get to school each day. Some of them leave home at 4.00am and walk 10 miles to arrive at school at 6.40am. Lessons starts at 7.00am and only finish at 5.00pm. Then the children walk home again. The children always walk in groups to stay safe from hyenas.

Le Collège Louis Pasteur – Normandy, France

Frances Bardsley Academy in Romford established a partnership with Le Collège Louis Pasteur in 2020. The school is based in Normandy, France.

Find out more about the school on their website.

Marienschule Opladen – Leverkusen, Germany

Frances Bardsley Academy in Romford has partnered with Marienschule Opladen for over 10 years. Marienshule is a co-educational Roman-Catholic faith school near Cologne and Düsseldorf. They have about 1,100 students from 10 to 18 years old.

They have visited us here in England and we have been to visit them in Germany. We have partnered with them on a number of exciting international projects. We also travelled with them to visit Israel in 2020 thinking about peace and reconciliation.

Find out more about the school on their website.