The LIFE Passports is a programme of activities to inspire you to embrace new experiences outside of the classroom. The passport takes you on a journey to try new challenges which promote resilience, perseverance and increase self-esteem. The Can Do attitude enables the development of new skills that support learning throughout school life. Through captivating experiences in the classroom and eye-opening adventures in the outside world we aim to equip you today for tomorrow’s world.

Go ahead and join in!

The booklet is full of fun activities and outdoor challenges that we hope you can enjoy ticking off during your time in and out of school. Every year you can learn new skills which will help build your future. You can even add some activities of your own at the end. We hope you enjoy completing your passports and working towards a LIFE Passport Achievement Certificate.

Find out activities you could do:

EYFS (being updated)

Year 1 (being updated)

Year 2 (being updated)

Year 3 (being updated)

Year 4 (being updated)

Year 5 (being updated)

Year 6 (being updated)

Year 7

Year 8

Well done to all our 2020/21 LIFE Passport Achievers! We hope you had fun.