We are the LIFE Ambassadors

We are the LIFE Ambassadors.

A group of individuals who’ve set their sights on bringing ideas into the world. Whether they are small suggestions or complex innovative projects, our goal is to implement all that is brilliant into society.

This year we’re focusing on improving Air Quality across the LIFE Trust schools. The health of not only the students, but staff and parents have to be considered when you want to achieve the best standard of education. People who work in cleaner environments are known to be more productive, proactive and motivated. This is why we are going to implement strategies across the schools that cleanse the air that we breathe in.

As an ambassador, and a Project Manager, I know that it’s easy to talk to people. The hard part is getting others to listen and understand. When setting any project into action, you need to reach people strong enough to motivate them. Our project is going to begin with outreach and it will end with outreach too. The more lives we touch, the further our message spreads and the greater the chances are of change. Clean air is a basic human right. It is the right of all of us to have access to it. And it is the right of all of us to make sure that the people around us have it too.

Our first goal as LIFE Ambassadors is to bring awareness to students of their right to clean air and the things that might compromise this. We’ll be doing this through presentations in assemblies and launching our very first, but not last, Air Quality Competition.

Keep in touch for more information.


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