Welcome to the LIFE Education Trust website. Whatever your reasons for being here, I am delighted that you are interested in us. We are a small local multi academy trust which believes that Learning Is For Everyone. 

All those in our community are asked to consider our three principles: Learning from the past, Living in the present and Looking to the future. Each principle is important and each needs to be part of every school in our Trust. Our schools retain their own values, their traditions and distinctiveness but have also chosen to become part of something bigger and extremely exciting.

Our learner characteristics are also emphasised in all we do. Every member of the LIFE community is encouraged to be Creative, Articulate, Resilient, Empathetic, Reflective and Self-aware; we want to become CARERS. We have spent time thinking about how these characteristics can be taught and celebrated. We have reflected on how we do things, the language we use with each other and the effect our actions have on others.

Academic achievement is a vital part of what we do as schools and we reward success in traditional school subjects as well as in attendance, sport and the arts. Our Trust has a broadly Christian ethos but recognises and welcomes those of any faith or none.

LIFE Education Trust is keen to work with schools and organisations that believe in these values and would enjoy coming on our journey with us. Do get in touch.
Best wishes

Julian Dutnall