What’s been going on at the farm?…

14 October 2022: New bunny boy Rufus joined the farm. He is an utterly adorable bunny and is settling in nicely.

3 October 2022: Art club for years 7 & 8 students came to the farm to practice life drawings of the animals. Rocky tried to be best the best model he could be but kept getting distracted by grass.

19 September 2022: Thunder needed to be rehomed after losing all his siblings. He came to live in the farm and was quickly adopted by Starlight. Thunder is super cute and growing in confidence.

24 June 2022: Some work has been done on all the animal’s homes after Storm Eunice caused so much damage. Here is an updated tour.

24 March 2022: Mick the Farrier came today to trim the ponies hooves. He described it as a bit like us cutting our toe nails.

23 March 2022: Welcome to our latest additions to the FBA Farm family. Bear and Honey were needing new homes. They are very calm rabbits and are already loving all the attention they are getting.

22 March 2022: We love the sunshine and we love the guinea pigs. Together it is just fabulous! Rosie agrees and really wanted to join us and the guinea pigs laying out in the sun!

17 March 2022: Willow was fascinated by the hoof cleaning on Rocky.

15 March 2022: While Mrs Bailey and Miss Spinks were meeting to discuss FBA Farm matters Rocky decided to join in. He has decided the new stump seating areas are his personal scratching posts.

9 March 2022: Bagel and Smog ‘helping’ to clean out the quail.

7 March 2022: Look what Starlight the chicken laid!

18 February 2022: Storm Eunice causes a mess at the farm. All animals stayed well during the storm, but it took down one of our big trees. Thankfully it didn’t fall on the duck or chicken enclosures. We have a LOT of clearing up to do!

21 January 2022: Two of Rocky and Rosie’s loves are food and scratching… Both Rocky and Rosie love their coats when it is colder too…

20 January 2022: Billy and Barry love to get out of their paddock and have a good run around. But then they like to have a bit of a rest afterwards.

18 January 2022: Rocky and Rosie enjoy and look forward to their daily walks around the school.

17 January 2022: Casper, Smog and Bagel very much enjoyed meeting Zoe the LIFE bear on her visit to the FBA Farm yesterday. They were intrigued and all enjoyed cuddling together.

13 January 2022: The rabbits love their greens and vegetables to munch on. They all gather round to eat together.

10 January 2022: We got a new delivery of hay and straw this morning. The chickens decided to try and help Mrs Bailey shift all the bales down to the store at the end of the Farm.

7 January 2022: Welcome to our newest two guinea pigs. Still to be named – could you have the perfect name for them?… two four-month-old sow (female) guinea-pigs. Our two new girls have settled in well to their new home, made friends with the rest of the guinea-pig herd, and are loving all the attention they are getting from students! One is black and white with smooth-hair, the other is white with ginger patches and is long-haired. We are taking name suggestions from any students or staff who would like a chance to name one; please email Mrs Bailey or drop by the farm to add a suggestion to the list.

7 January 2022: The chickens are enjoying a patch of sun to warm themselves up.

December 2021: Merry Christmas from all the animals at the FBA Farm.

November 2021: Our chickens were diagnosed with Knemidocoptes Mutan (scaly leg) which is a burying mite. We treated them with Vaseline, weekly until clear. At the same time the chickens were also been treated for lice. Our Year 12 work experience student Natalia helped with the treatments.

October 2021: June our quail had been on her own for some time now and so we decided it was time to give her a new quail family. We got 3 new quail and June was thrilled for the company. Our new arrivals have been named Latte, S’More, and Alf. They have settled in well and have been busy laying eggs.

October 2021: A new guinea pig, named Potato joined the farm family. He is a 3.5 month boar, and is loving his popularity with students already! To begin with Potato was kept separately until him and Stitches could be bonded. They then became firm friends.

19th October: New arrivals at the farm this week. Squishy, Squashy and Jim the parrots.

Friday 15th October: The students held a bake sale raising £145.63 to buy winter rugs for Rocky and Rosie the ponies.

October 2021: As autumn sets in at the farm the leaf raking is a never ending job. Our farm leaders and other farm regulars do a great job at clearing them.

October 2021: Our goats, Billy and Barry, are always very happy to see their food bowls or treats, or even a leaf or two to eat.

September 2021: It’s great to welcome back all the animals after their summer at Lambourne End. We are also thrilled to welcome Rocky and Rosie, miniature Shetland ponies. They were an instant hit. Their manes were very long and covered their faces so the girls at FBA gave them a bit of a trim.

August 2021: Before the end of term and during the summer holidays some of the farm family have been in giving all the animal homes a complete clear out. It was hard work but will be nice for the animals when they return home soon.

Wednesday 14th July 2021: End of school year and so the animals pack up for their summer holiday at Lambourne End. Billy and Barry weren’t so keen though and tried to hide in the undergrowth!

May 2021: Fluffy, Bunny-bee and Stitches are so cuddly.

March 2021: When we open the door of the ducks residence they quack loudly and literally fly out following each other in a nice line to the pond. At the end we clap and say “bed time” and they follow the leader back home again. It’s so fun to see.

Monday 8th February 2021: Snow at the farm. Billy and Barry remain snug in their hut.

Watch this space for photos of all our farm family