To help embed our mission to build great learning communities that unleash creativity and champion optimism, in a spirit of compassion, within our schools we have an established a 1-year LIFE Ambassador programme.

What is it?

This is a 1-year programme with the opportunity to work on a project together promoting the LIFE charity, currently the Trussell Foodbanks.

LIFE Ambassadors are year 5 pupils. 3 pupils from each LIFE primary school are chosen to be representatives of their school within the LIFE Trust.

LIFE Ambassador Leaders are students from year 10 who are part of leading the Ambassador programme with a group of year 5 pupils from across our LIFE primary schools.

As part of the programme Ambassadors will:

  • Plan and participate in a joint project
  • Attend joint meetings with other schools and share updates about what they’ve done
  • Speak in assemblies and to classes in theirr school/at other LIFE schools
  • Create and lead activities/competitions/events for their school community
  • Write about their experience for a wider audience

Becoming a LIFE Ambassador will help those pupils grow and develop leadership skills, improve their communication skills and public speaking, as well as developing theirr organisational skills. They serve their your school and local community and also promote the LIFE Beliefs of Courageous Optimism, Heartfelt Compassion and Boundless Creativity.

What have we been up to?

On Friday 12th November we had our first virtual meeting of our 2021/22 LIFE Ambassadors and LIFE Ambassador Leaders.

Each LIFE Ambassador introduced themselves and explained why they had wanted to be part of the programme. Some wanted to become leaders and be a good role model, others wanted to represent their school well, and others wanted to be able to support the foodbanks. All of them wanted to make a difference!

Our LIFE Ambassador leaders shared with us about the history and work of the Trussell Foodbanks and got us excited about supporting them. Then we spent some time with each school planning what it might look like in their school and what their next steps would be to get things started. Lots of great action planned – watch this space!

Our Ford End LIFE Ambassadors helped to lead Collective Worship on Thursday 4th November.

ANNOUNCING: Our 2021/22 LIFE Ambassadors and LIFE Ambassador Leaders…

Frances Bardsley Academy LIFE Ambassador Leaders:

  • Khadijah
  • Alicia
  • Tevicia
  • Gemma

Benhurst LIFE Ambassadors:

  • Ben
  • Dare
  • Dylan

Dame Tipping LIFE Ambassadors:

  • Harry
  • Michelle
  • Ella

Ford End LIFE Ambassadors:

  • Beth
  • Reggie
  • Sienna

Margaretting LIFE Ambassadors:

  • Bluebelle
  • Ellie
  • Grace

Roxwell LIFE Ambassadors:

  • Josh
  • Josh
  • Katie