Melissa Taylor

Melissa Taylor

Executive Headteacher at Margaretting, Ford End & Roxwell

Margaretting Primary School

Melissa studied a History BA at Southampton University before completing her Post Graduate Certificate in Education in 2012. After moving back to Surrey, Melissa started her teaching career at Lovelace Primary School as a Year 6 teacher and took on the role of Head of Year 6 in 2014. Lovelace Primary School is a large primary school that is situated in Kingston and during her time there, Melissa learnt how to be fully inclusive and educate children from a variety of backgrounds successfully as well as how to lead a team.
Melissa then moved to Essex and took up the post of Year 5/6 Teacher and English Subject Leader at Margaretting Primary School. She enjoyed implementing the Power of Reading and standardising guided reading across the school and has secured excellent end of Key Stage 2 SATs results since 2016. Melissa is keen to develop herself as a leader and loves to learn new skills. In April 2019, Melissa took on the role of Deputy Headteacher at Margaretting Primary School. In 2020 she completed her NPQSL course and produced a research project on the impact of a creative curriculum on academic results at the end of Key Stage 2. In September 2020 Melissa became the Head of School and was awarded the Pearson Silver Primary Teacher of the Year Award, which is one of her greatest professional achievements to date.
Since 2020, Melissa has worked to develop the curriculum across Ford End, Margaretting and Roxwell Primary Schools, which has been an exciting and rewarding journey.
Melissa is now the Executive Headteacher of Ford End, Margaretting and Roxwell Primary Schools. She is also currently leads on the curriculum and remains English Subject Leader. It is clear to see how being in LIFE Education Trust has impacted the children and staff in such a positive way and Melissa enjoys being a leader in such an excellent MAT.